Toto Cup: 0: 2 to Bnei Sakhnin over Hapoel Haifa


Hapoel Haifa was one of the most pleasant surprises last season in the Premier League and managed to screw between the top six, but the first round of the Toto Cup in the 2020/21 season she will not want to remember: On the home field, without an audience of course, Haim Sylves’ team surrendered 2: 0 to Bnei Sakhnin , Who finished second in the National League and returned to the Premier League after an absence of just one year.

Hapoel Haifa still lacks a number of players, including Jasmine Borich and procurement players Raz Stein and Ido Levy, who have not yet passed the budget control and sat in the stands, but William Agada, who preferred to move to the red side of Carmel, started with a tested standard and did not take advantage of opportunities. Educated to over-threaten Mahmoud Kandil at the guest gate.

On the other hand, the newcomer Bnei Sakhnin can certainly be satisfied with her return game, even if it is the Toto Cup. Ataa Jaber scored in the second minute, Ran Kadosh surrendered for the second time in the 52nd minute when Ihab’s kick that my mother hit the defender changed direction and determined the result of the game. 0: 2 to Bnei Sakhnin at the end.

Atta Jaber | Maor Alexelsi

William Agada
William Agada | Maor Alexelsi


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