Toronto defeated the Lakers. 53 points for Warren vs. Philly


Laurie (33) led the Raptors to 92: 107 against LeBron’s team (20). The Pacers’ forward set an impressive career record at 121: 127, and Ambide’s 41 was not enough either. The Clippers have recovered

Beginning of an articleAfter Miami’s wins over Denver and Oklahoma City against Utah, three more games were played tonight (Saturday through Sunday) in the NBA. Toronto defeated the Lakers in a giant battle, the Clippers recovered with a win over New Orleans, and the Pacers were aided by TJ Warren’s 53 points to beat the Sixers.

Toronto (18:47) – Lakers (15:50) 92: 107
The Raptors completed a second win of the season against the Western Conference leader, thanks in large part to Kyle Laurie’s 33 points that added 14 rebounds and 6 assists. or. G. Anonobi contributed 23 of his own, for Toronto, which came back sharp after the long break. LeBron James scored 20 points and dropped 10 rebounds for the Lakers, who lost after the win over the Clippers. Neither Kyle Kozma’s 16 points nor Anthony Davis’ 14 points did any good for the Lakers.

LA Clippers (21:45) – New Orleans (38:28) 103: 126
Paul George scored three three-pointers in the first minutes and scored eight of those and 28 points for the team from Los Angeles, which broke a franchise record with 25 three-pointers from 47 attempts. The Clippers also equaled the team record for threes at halftime (16), and were one threes away from breaking the NBA record.

After the loss to the Lakers, Kwai Leonard scored 24. Zion Williamson who is not one hundred percent barely a partner with the Pelicans (14 minutes and 7 points), with their chances of advancing to the playoffs dwindling. Nickel Alexander Walker led New Orleans with 15 points. View summary >>

Indiana (26:40) – Philadelphia (27:39) 121: 127
TJ Warren achieved a tremendous career record of 53 points in excellent percentages. He scored 20 of 29 from the field and 9 of 12 from three and led the Pacers to a win achieved in the final quarter in particular. Joel Ambide bombed 41 points and dropped 21 rebounds for the Sixers, Tobias Harris added 30 and Ben Simmons 19 points and 13 rebounds, but the three were not enough against Warren, who equaled the franchise record with 19 points in the first quarter. Victor Oladipo and Aron Holiday added 15 each.


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