Torn hamstring means end of season for Dylan Borlée | Athletics


Dylan Borlée suffered a tear in his hamstring during the Brussels GP on Sunday. He announced this on Instagram on Monday after a doctor’s visit. For the youngest of the Borlée brothers, this immediately means the end of the season.

“The season starts and ends right away. My hamstring said no, 2020 said no. See you next year,” Dylan Borlée wrote on Instagram.

“It’s a 2.1cm tear in the two-headed thigh muscle. Not a big tear, but big enough to put an end to this short season.”

Normally Borlée still had the BK and the Memorial Van Damme on his program. Last weekend he came into action twice in the 100 meters. During the 200 meters on Sunday evening, he sustained an injury to his hamstring halfway through.

Borlée was injured during his 200m at the BK.

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