Tonight live: Singer Yishai Ribo in a huge show


a a A “Kitz Chai”, the biggest summer project in the history of the Jewish music of “Kol Chai”, Kol Chai Music “and David Padida – is now on the air.

Every evening at 20:00, music performances are held with the participation of the great singers, listening and watching video, during a time when there are no mass events and musical performances.

The “Live Summer” project brings to every Jewish home in Israel and around the world, the finest musical performances, in an unprecedented technological production.

And tonight, live, a huge show by Yishai Ribu. Opening performance: The Kinderlach Band. Musical direction: Yehuda Kalman. Moderator: Asher Graver. Greetings: Rabbi Nehemiah Rotenberg, Rabbi of Savyon

Watch a live broadcast that will be broadcast in Shabbat Square at the top of the site


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