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Thursday, August 6, 2020 at

Johan Derksen will join Veronica Inside ‘with fresh reluctance’ on 11 September. The much talked about analyst admits in conversation with RTV Rijnmond that something has been “broken” since the controversy over the talk show’s themed broadcast about racism. Yet he has little choice in his own judgment: Talpa frontman John de Mol has pointed out to Derksen and table companion René van der Gijp that they have to serve their contract.

Derksen repeats the allegation that presenter Wilfred Genee has “blown up the format of an authentic program.” According to the television personality, Genee “played very hypocritically the politically correct reporter.” “Look, the program will run like clockwork again, because when we sit together again, the chemistry will be there”, predicts Derksen. “But whether it will really be the way it was, I don’t know. I hope so. We have two more years. John de Mol does not accept a breach of contract. I have nowhere to go.”

According to Derksen, it is important that the viewer does not suffer from the controversy. He says he plans to still voice his unsalted opinion in the program. “I have to drive all the way from Drenthe to Hilversum. Then I will not talk with the handbrake on”, he explains. Although Derksen honors his contract, he will earn considerably less. In the coming year he will donate 300,000 euros, half of his salary, to a dog persion in Almere and to Casper van Eijck, researcher in the field of pancreatic cancer.

Normally Derksen is critical of well-known Dutch people who flirt with their actions for charities. However, he emphasizes that he himself has not declared that he will donate half of his fee. “That was an initiative of my wife and before I knew it it was already in the Algemeen Dagblad. When it became known that we were going ahead, I became unbelievable and portrayed as a bag filler. To silence those people I give fifty percent of m They’ll find me characterless, but at least I’m no longer a bag filler. ”


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