Tisha B’Av at the Western Wall – up to 1,000 people in the plaza


Towards Tisha B’Av, which will take place this week and many are expected to come to the Western Wall plaza to mark the most difficult day in the place that most symbolizes the destruction, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation is preparing to receive Western Wall visitors to read the Book of Lamentations and lament, in the shadow of the corona.

The prayers at the Western Wall plaza will take place in a format of 20 worshipers and 20 worshipers in each prayer complex at the Open Wall plaza, in accordance with Ministry of Health procedures so that the Western Wall plaza can accommodate up to 1,000 people at a time and not tens of thousands in a normal year.

On Wednesday night, Tisha B’Av, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation will hold a special broadcast from the Western Wall.

The broadcast will begin with an Arabic prayer, the reading of the Book of Lamentations and the recitation of lamentations for those who are unable to reach the Western Wall and the synagogues.

The prayer will also be broadcast via a dedicated telephone number 02-3011133

Rabbi of the Western Wall and the many holy places Shmuel Rabinowitz He said that “these days in the shadow of social distance and a deep economic crisis, require us all to increase the love of freedom, mutual guarantee and connection to the heritage and tradition of Israel.”

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation, in cooperation with the police, decided that in light of the arrival of many at the same time as the presiding and evening prayers prior to the end of the fast and the inability to absorb such a large public at the same time, entry would be limited. Therefore, it is recommended to arrive before this hour or about an hour after the end of the fast.

At the end of the fast, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation will distribute a drinking bottle and a personalized pastry packed to those who end the fast at the Western Wall plaza.

Rescue forces will be stationed throughout the day at the Western Wall plaza to reach out and help those in need. The Jerusalem Police will secure the masses both in the Western Wall plaza and on the access roads to it, and it would like to point out that all roads are secure and the public can reach the Western Wall plaza safely.

It should be noted that private vehicles should be avoided, it is recommended to reach the Old City by public transport.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation asks the public to obey instructions and maintain the required distance of 2 meters even outside the entrances to the Western Wall in order to maintain public health.


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