Timing of Rachel Hazes move is remarkable


Rachel Hazes really leaves Roxeanne and André behind. Rachel, who has a difficult relationship with her children, moves to Barcelona where her best friend Rossana Kluivert lives.

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No more relationship

Rumors that Rachel would move to Spain have been circulating for some time. It was whispered that she would do that with partner Mike, but he is now out of her life after a short but intense relationship. The widow of the late André Hazes therefore only goes on an adventure. But she can always fall back on the Kluivert family who helped her move.

Remarkable timing

The timing of the move is remarkable to say the least. Her two children have had good contact with each other for years and her grandchildren saw each other for the first time this summer. Together they played outside, while Roxeanne and André could talk about the years in which they avoided each other. Rachel does not seem to want to be a part of that new family happiness, because she is hundreds of kilometers away enjoying the Spanish sun.


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