Tiktok will be sold to Microsoft due to pressure from the US President


Tiktok will be sold to Microsoft: Following pressure from the US President, Donald Trump The Chinese company BateDance announced yesterday that it has decided to sell the popular app activity Ticket To American society Microsoft. This was reported in Reuters. According to the report, The American technology giant will be responsible for the information of the app users in the US.

This dramatic move stemmed from the war that Donald Trump declared on Tiktok, when he announced Tuesday night that he intends to sign an administrative order blocking the app. “I will sign an order banning them from operating in the United States,” the president told reporters during a flight on the presidential plane. Because The White House is considering banning the use of Chinese apps, Including the popular Tiktok.

Donald Trump speaks on Mount Rushmore (Photo: Reuters)

“I do not want to precede the president, but this issue is definitely under investigation,” Pompeo stressed, adding that “people who download this app should take into account that their private information will be passed on to the Communist Party of China.” Tiktok declined to comment on Pompeo’s allegations. The war declared by the White House on the popular app is another step in the frontal confrontation between the two countries in many areas, including national security, trade and technology.

Tiktok, which is said to be owned by the Chinese company BateDance, has been repeatedly criticized by American sources, who described it as a “threat to national security.” The company has previously rejected allusions to this issue, emphasizing that the app’s data originates outside the country and is not subject to Chinese rule.


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