Tiktok has 45 days to complete the transaction with Microsoft, or it will be blocked


Kevin Meyer, Donald Trump (Facebook photo / Kevin Meyer, Gage Skidmore)
Digital giant Microsoft has confirmed reports that it is in advanced talks to acquire Tiktok’s operations from its Chinese parent company BateDance, adding that the deal is expected to be completed by September 15, 2020. According to the company statement, additional buyers may join the deal.

If the deal goes into effect on the scheduled date, US President Donald Trump’s blocking threat over Tiktok will likely be removed, as sources close to him report that although he opposes it in principle, he is willing to allocate Microsoft 45 days to complete the move.

Trump, as is well known, believes that Stiktok, who entered the opening ten of the rebellious apps in the world last year (and is now in seventh place), is in fact a spy of the communist government in China and is therefore threatening to block it from Americans. Microsoft, for its part, has stated that in the event that Ticketock becomes its owner, it will take full responsibility for the privacy of its users’ information.

In any case, this is a serious statement of intent by Microsoft, which could enter the social networking market and compete with Facebook. So far, the two companies have maintained a fairly warm relationship: Microsoft has invested about $ 240 million in Facebook and parted ways with the video game service on Streaming Mixer, knowing that its subscribers will immediately switch to Facebook’s competitor service. Moreover, Facebook recently decided to close the Lasso widget, which is very reminiscent of Tiktok in its features – after failing to acquire the musical short video network, which was sold a year later to BateDance for $ 800 million and merged with Tiktok.

Later, as if to ignite the fire, Tiktok was located in the old WhatsApp offices in Silicon Valley (after it was acquired by Facebook) and according to various reports began to summon Mark Zuckerberg employees for job interviews. In short, Facebook and Tiktok are in a terrible duel – and now it seems that Microsoft has chosen a side.

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