TikTok bypassed Google policy when collecting user data / Villa media


Nick Kivits – Friday 14 August 2020, 08:59 | 0 comments, join the conversation

© Reuters / Dado Ruvic

The social medium TikTok has collected mac addresses from Android users in a roundabout way for a year and a half. The mac address is a unique identification number of a device on a network. Google prohibits app makers from collecting such addresses from apps provided in Google’s mobile phone operating system.

The Chinese TikTok downloaded the mac addresses just after downloading the app, but before users opened it for the first time, according to research from The Wall Street Journal.

TikTok has been under fire in the United States for some time over suspicions that the app is sharing user data with the Chinese government. US President Donald Trump therefore decided to ban the app with effect from September 20.


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