Tiger mosquito shows up in the Westland, NVWA is there ‘because of the risk on top’


The Asian tiger mosquito, an insect that can transmit dangerous diseases such as dengue fever (dengue fever), was found this year in the municipality of Westland. The insect has also been seen in Lansingerland, Lelystad, Assen and Valkenburg aan de Geul. The NVWA and the Stop Invasive Exotics platform report this.

According to the NVWA, no infected mosquito has yet been found and the chance of transmitting a disease is currently negligible. Still, the food and commodities authority says it remains ‘because of the risk’.

The animals probably come with imported car tires and bamboo plants. If tiger mosquitoes are observed, the NVWA first investigates an area of ​​a hundred meters around the location.

“It can be large quantities”

The Stop Invasive Exotics platform complains that the NVWA does not communicate the names of the companies that may be associated with the mosquito presence, but the authority says this is common. The NVWA does pass on the neighborhoods where the mosquito has been seen in the municipality. “It can involve large quantities,” said chairman Wilfred Reinhold of the platform. “In Valkenburg aan de Geul, no fewer than 350 tiger mosquitoes were caught last year.”

The insects are controlled by removing or disabling breeding sites and by luring adult mosquitoes. ‘If breeding grounds cannot be removed, use is made of organic granules, where only the larvae of mosquitoes die. Occasionally an insecticide is used to kill the adult mosquitoes. ‘


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