Thus the sadness of the ‘bar mitzvah’ in isolation became joy


a a A Hundreds of Modi’in Illit residents celebrated a 13-year-old boy who is in isolation due to a Corona patient in his family, Simchat Bar Mitzvah on a city street, in a particularly exciting event.

It all started when last Saturday evening, Nati Spiegel, one of the most prominent benefactors in Modi’in Illit, received a phone call from the mother of a boy whose bar mitzvah took place that day, and when her voice choked with tears described: It is felt at home. “

“I will not let them be sad,” Spiegel, director of the Ezer Mitzion branch in the city, thought to himself, and immediately made telephone contact with the director of the charity, “Simcha will win,” Shmuel Gitler.

Only an hour passed, and Hitler and his men parked in the parking lot opposite the Bar Mitzvah groom’s house with helium balloons with the number 13 on them, along with a musical team that included keyboardist Yehuda Schatz and singer Avraham Moshe Bardugo.

“Within seconds the joy erupted spontaneously,” one of the isolated family’s neighbors describes to Shabbat Square, “Many of the residents of Mishke Chachma Street went out of their house and started dancing in front of the 13-year-old boy’s house.”

The spontaneous celebration of the bar mitzvah included all the familiar motifs, while the neighbors and the people of ‘Simcha Tanachach’ did not miss the moving song ‘Grammen’.

At the end of the event, which the boy constantly watched from the window of his room, a set of gifts was handed to him, including a Torah scroll, an mp3 player and a leather arrangement for tefillin. His family also enjoyed, an invested birthday cake.

“It was exciting to attend such a Bar Mitzvah celebration, and to see the smile on the boy’s face, which at first was so sad,” the neighbors and volunteers at the charities concluded.

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