‘Throwing away critics of corona policy as’ conspiracy thinkers ‘must stop’ – De Daily Standaard


It’s unbelievable, but Het Parool actually printed a column by a critic of the Dutch government’s corona policy. The author is Raisa Blommestijn, who was previously in the news for having written an open letter in defense of freedom of speech. A letter signed by thousands upon thousands of people, including quite a few prominent figures.

In her new column, Blommestijn turns against the culture of censorship in relation to critics of the corona policy. It is, she writes, downright dangerous in a democracy that any critic is automatically dismissed as a “conspiracy thinker.”

“The criticisms are different, but it seems that anyone who takes a critical attitude towards the fight against the corona crisis advocated by the government is facing the same label,” she rightly writes. “In this way, attention is diverted from the criticism itself and ridiculed. The person who voiced the criticism is reduced to a label. ”

“Without listening to the criticism at all, you are already discrediting someone,” she also explains. “For example, you no longer have to discuss the content of the criticism – in this case the corona policy – at all.”

And that, she writes, “affects the health of our democracy.” Because if you are allowed to ask more critical questions, the entire system will eventually suffer.

It goes without saying that Blommestijn is right. The way people like Doutzen Kroes, Robert Jensen and others are treated is revolting. They ask questions – they do some critical citizens should to do. This does not mean that we have to agree with them on everything, but they do more than what the mainstream media does. They simply do what the government wants. Nice, those propagandists, but that’s not what the media should do.

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