Thrill, Lewis Hamilton even wins on 3 wheels | formula 1


The race in Britain got a three-part scenario. We can be brief about the middle section: it was sleep-inducing. But part one was spiced up by two crashes. In round two, Albon tapped Magnussen’s Haas off the track. And a few rounds later, Kvyat lost control of his AlphaTauri.

But the real sting of the race was in the tail. The teams had gambled on a pit stop, but the tires turned out to be a little less durable than hoped. Valterri Bottas was the first victim. The Mercedes driver had been in second place all race, but his front tire literally disappeared like snow in the sun. He had to enter the pits and tumbled all the way down.

Max Verstappen moved up a place and the Dutchman saw his chance. He entered the pit lane for fresh rubber. His goal was to get the fastest lap and that worked, but he might be sorry afterwards.

After all, the unthinkable happened in the last round. The Lewis Hamilton tires were also worn to the wire, but with half a lap left, the world champion had no choice but to continue driving. He bumped over the finish on three wheels. Max Verstappen was still sucked in, but was just too late. Charles Leclerc parked his Ferrari in third place.

Hamilton’s car sighed with relief after the finish. The Brit is also doing an excellent job in the World Cup tie. Bottas did not take a single point and is already 30 points behind on his teammate.


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