Three young men are accused in the US of the big hacking of Twitter


Investigating the hack into 130 popular accounts on the social network Twitter, Carried out on July 15, led yesterday (Friday) to the filing of U.S. indictments against three young men, including 17-year-old Graham Ivan Clark of Florida, who was arrested and charged with being the “brain” behind the burglary.

Clark, a resident of Tampa, was indicted on 30 counts of burglary, according to a statement issued by the Hillsborough County Attorney General’s Office in Florida. The break-in he allegedly led, according to the charges against him, is considered the biggest in the history of Twitter. Through the break-in, the burglars fraudulently managed to obtain more than $ 100,000 in a matter of minutes, through payments Bitcoin Received from more than 300 followers of the hacked accounts.

On July 15, the accounts of a number of high-profile Twitter users were hacked. The same message was written in all of them: “I return to the community. Any bitcoin sent to the address below will be doubled and returned to the sender! If you transfer $ 1,000, you will receive $ 2,000 back! The offer is only valid for 30 minutes.”

Along with Clark who was arrested, indictments were filed yesterday by the U.S. Department of Justice against 19-year-old Mason Shepard of the United Kingdom and 22-year-old Nima Pazley of Orlando, Florida.

On Thursday night, even before the indictment was reported in the case, Twitter posted an update about a hack on its social network about two weeks ago, stating that according to the findings of the investigation so far, the hack was done by phishing information from the phones of some Twitter employees. According to the company, through the 130 accounts hacked, the burglars uploaded fake tweets from 45 accounts, accessed information in direct messages (DM) of 36 accounts and downloaded private information from seven accounts.

In the break-in, which was also reported in “Globes” on July 15, the hackers took over 130 Twitter accounts, including the accounts of former Vice President Joe Biden, the current presidential candidate for the US Democratic Party, and American billionaire Elon Musk, the company’s founder Tesla, PayPal and Spike X, as well as the account of the technology giant Apple, the hackers used the accounts they hacked to upload tweets calling on followers to send Bitcoin payments to certain addresses, while promising to return double the amount to those who transfer the funds.

The FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice have been conducting a nationwide manhunt over the past two weeks following the largest security breach in Twitter history. According to the company, Clark was able to penetrate 130 accounts, tweet from 45, and download information from seven of them.

In response to the announcement of the filing of the indictments and the arrest of Clark, the Twitter company said: “We appreciate the prompt action of the law enforcement authorities in this investigation.”


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