“Three times as many deceased corona patients in Iran as government claims” | NOW


The number of deaths in Iran due to the coronavirus is nearly three times as high as the Iranian government claims, reports BBC News Monday based on research into a data breach.

Data from the Iranian government shows that nearly 42,000 Iranians have died from COVID-19 until July 20. However, according to the Iranian Ministry of Health, there are 14,405 deaths. In mid-March, the actual figures were according to BBC News five times higher than reported.

The number of infections is also nearly twice as reported, according to official government data. The government has registered 451,024 infections, compared to 278,827 infections reported by the ministry.

In addition, medical records show that someone died in Iran on January 22 from the effects of the virus. That is almost a month before the first infection was officially diagnosed.

It is not clear why the Iranian government has withheld the actual figures. The government may have feared that the figures would lead to additional unrest. In Iran, before the corona crisis, there has been an economic crisis since the US withdrew from the nuclear deal.

Number of infections and deaths in Iran is increasing

Iran was one of the hardest hit countries at the start of the pandemic. The authorities took various measures to prevent the spread of the virus. These measures were gradually relaxed in mid-April. The relaxation led to more infections and deaths. On July 7, a record 200 deaths were recorded in one day.

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Iran, there have been doubts about the official figures from the Ministry of Health. For example, there would be a difference between the national and regional figures.


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