Three suspects in a mass brawl at the sea linked to Brussels city gang: what do we know?


VRT NWS knows from a good source that the three suspects – an 18-year-old Belgian of Haitian descent, an 18-year-old man from Guinea and a 20-year-old man from Brussels – are indeed linked to a Brussels gang, more specifically to the Stuyvenbergh gang in Laeken.

Not much is known about this gang, it is a gang that has been around for some time and mainly hangs around in the metro station of the same name in Laken. That place is known for dealing with a lot of cannabis. In 2008, the gang was in the news: rival gang “Bagdad 1210” entered the home of someone from Stuyvenbergh after four members of “Bagdad 1210” were stabbed. Stuyvenbergh was also involved in a stabbing in 2013.

It is not yet clear what role these young people play in that city gang or how they are involved in it. The fact is that the three are known to the court and that at least one of them has already committed several offenses. His lawyer talks about “at least 18 facts, including aggression”. The three themselves deny that they belong to a gang.


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