Thousands of special education students were left without placement in the frameworks


Sharon from Petah Tikva, a six-year-old mother of light on the autism spectrum, described the difficulty in the uncertainty. “It’s a terrible feeling, like I’m hanging in the air. These kids need preparation, showing them what school they’re going to be in and what their name is,” she explained. “Especially when they are preparing for first grade, you have to go to school, show them what it looks like from the outside, buy the shirts with a school logo.” She said that “these are children with difficulties, it is not easy for them to leave kindergarten and they do not know at all what first grade is. They were not in a transition program where the kindergarten children are exposed to the schools in the neighborhood, they do not get it.”

Sharon also described the conduct regarding the placement by the municipality. “What happens is that the municipality keeps all the children’s files with it, and prevents us from accessing information. We are not allowed to know in which schools classrooms will be opened, where the children will be placed or with whom,” she said. “We are not part of the discourse and decision regarding inlays.”

According to her, the committee regarding her son Or was in March, and she was told that in July there would already be inlays. “I’m hanging in the air, we do not know which school he is going to. They tell us ‘wait patiently’, it is really unlikely in my eyes,” Sharon continued. “But they have another charming sentence: ‘Last year they gave placements on August 29.’ “They go, can prepare and the parents get excited with him. We, instead of getting excited, get into anxiety.”


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