Thousands of new recruits in the shadow of the Corona – security news


Over the next few weeks, thousands of new recruits are expected to visit the recruitment bureaus around the country and from there to the conscription chain to begin their military service.

Among the recruits, men and women, who are destined for combat service in the field units, the array of combat supporters and the rear units. Recruitment dates in this recruitment cycle will be spread over more days than previous cycles, in order to comply with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Medical and Health Corps of new recruits and IDF servicemen.

The IDF said that among the adjustments made in dealing with the corona virus, the number of conscripts was reduced every day to prevent overcrowding in the conscription chain, and the Tel Hashomer recruitment bureau was split into four alternative sites – the Green Village, the ICU Corps Memorial Site, the Engineering Corps Memorial Site The battle in Hulda and the Mikve Israel school in Holon as check-in and collection points, and another center in Holon will open later.

In addition, the recruits were instructed to arrive unaccompanied by families to prevent gatherings, similar to recruits in the March cycle, and security and policing arrangements at the recruitment sites were strengthened.

Every recruit who comes to a recruitment site will undergo a heat test and an in-depth questioning regarding his health condition and conduct in the two weeks prior to recruitment, at the end of which the recruit will sign a health declaration. The recruits will travel in buses designated for the conscription chain, in which up to 30 recruits will travel. The buses will travel directly to the absorption complex and the conscription chain, where the number of stations has been reduced. The transition between the stations will be carried out in an orderly manner and separately from other stations. Bouncers and disciplinary representatives were deployed along the chain, in order to assist the new recruits and ensure compliance with the guidelines.

Upon arrival at the training bases, recruits will undergo heat tests, in-depth questioning and signing a health declaration again. Absorption into units will be done in accordance with the guidelines and while reducing and maintaining distance at each station. Their arrival and departure from the bases will be done through military commutes.

In addition, an isolated compound has been set up at the training bases where the recruits will reside, which includes all the infrastructure required for the training to take place. The activities will take place in capsules according to the size of the training and in light of the adapted guidelines. Formations will only take place after 14 days of recruitment to ensure that all participants are healthy.

The cooperation of the recruits and their families on and before the day of recruitment is necessary. Recruits are asked to refrain from attending mass recruitment parties and attending areas where there is a risk of infection. In addition, family members are asked to separate at home and not come to recruitment sites to accompany the recruits. The August-September recruitment cycle will continue as normal at this stage, according to the adjustments and guidelines of the medical authorities.

The head of the Personnel Division, Maj. Gen. Moti Almoz, congratulated the recruits, “I would like to congratulate you on the day of your enlistment in the IDF, and say a big thank you to the parents on the way here. I ask the parents to be full partners in the recruitment process.” We must maintain the health of the conscripts and the operational capacity of the IDF. “Good luck to all the conscripts.”

The Commander of the Training and Command Command, Major General Moti Baruch, added, “Dear recruits, as you embark on your significant and important path in the IDF, and in particular as fighters in the land arm, I wish you great success. Especially in such a period, in which you will train, learn, experience and be shaped and thus become, in effect, significant partners in the effort to defend the state. Be firm, keep the guidelines, and bring a warm greeting. ”

And who are the recruits?

58.62% males, 41.38% females. The average age is 88.18 and the youngest recruit is 17 and six months old. The oldest recruiter is 27 and six months old.

In the August-September 2020 recruitment cycle, 350 new immigrants are enlisted, of whom 223 are men and 127 women. In the August-September 2020 enlistment cycle, 308 lone soldiers are enlisted.

Countries from which most new and old immigrants immigrated – Ukraine, the United States, Ethiopia, France, and Russia.

Countries from which only one recruits – Austria, Uruguay, Tunisia, Latvia, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Costa Rica and Switzerland.

Common names in the recruitment cycle: with the name Daniel 265 recruits, with the name Noa 225 recruits, Amit 199, Adi 163, Itai 187, Yuval 124, Ido 177, Shachar 120, Roi 170, Shira 120, Tomer 152, Amit 119, Guy 138, Maya 113, Yuval 132, Roni 104, Omer 130, Eden 99, Uri 126, Shaked 96


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