Thousands of followers came to the wedding of the grandson of the Rebbe of Belza


Thousands of guests and followers came tonight (Wednesday) to the wedding of the Rebbe of Belza, in a wedding held in a closed hall in Jerusalem. The guests arrived wearing masks, and are apparently in capsule format but only low partitions separate the people. The wedding is taking place, and senior officials in the Jerusalem district have been in talks with the event organizers over the past day, and at this stage have not acted to close the event.

The wedding also takes place in the heart of a neighborhood defined as red, and Belza claimed that according to the Rebbe the spiritual and mental damage caused to his followers due to restrictions and breaking the routine, is more serious than the danger to their health. Hasidism is one of the five largest Hasidic sects in the world, and has a great influence on the ultra-Orthodox public in Israel. MK Israel Eichler on behalf of Torah Judaism, who is one of the followers of Belza, also attended the wedding.

At the same time, another demonstration of the black flags is being held tonight in front of the home of the Minister of Internal Security, Amir Ohana, and it is not yet known whether thousands of people will attend this demonstration as in previous demonstrations. The reason for the demonstration is Ohana’s attempt to cancel the demonstrations in cooperation with the police. Following the revelation, the organizers of the demonstration said: “Netanyahu’s Minister of Defense continues on his way to crushing the separation of powers. Tonight, too, we arrived at the Balfour emissary’s home in Tel Aviv. ”


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