Thomas Meunier on the infamous parties at PSG: “If you do …


Thomas Meunier is currently preparing in Switzerland for his first season with Borussia Dortmund. Before he left for training camp, the Red Devil made time for an interview with the RTBF. In it he lashed out at his ex-club PSG, but Meunier also talked about the infamous parties at the French national champions.

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“PSG just didn’t want me to stay, I now realize when I look back,” said Meunier about his long-drawn-out departure from France. “Then I got a phone call that I shouldn’t show up at the club anymore. What my manager found out via email. Kinda cowardly. I’ve always been correct with the club and suddenly I was to blame. I was treated like someone with the plague. ”

But not everything with the French national champion was doom and gloom. After all, Meunier won three titles, three league cups, two cups and four super cups. And he made great parties with it.

“Those birthday parties… That was an incredible thing. Incredible! ”Said the Red Devil. “At Club Brugge we went to a café and played darts or pool until 6:00 am. At PSG it is excess! But you know, that reflects the club. A palace was rented, where a party was held with hundreds of people. You could see that PSG players are much more than footballers, they are stars. I think that is crazy. ”

At the beginning of this year, the biggest star of all, Neymar, came under fire again after a big party at the Parisian nightclub Yoyo. In addition, all the guests came in white. “These are distractions that give us the image that we are not serious about it,” said trainer Thomas Tüchel.

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“Little fat neck”

Meunier once defended his Brazilian ex-teammate when there was criticism at a party by Neymar in the run-up to a cup match. What polemic? He shouldn’t celebrate his birthday two weeks later, should he? It is dear to him to invite his teammates, childhood friends and family. That doesn’t mean you have to stay at the party until six in the morning. Everyone is mature enough and for me there is no problem at all, ”said the Belgian.

The Red Devil can therefore enjoy a good party. “It’s great because it enhances the group atmosphere, whatever you need as a team. But at PSG those things are not organized like in a small town, it happens on its own Parisians. I did discover some things there, well, I could appreciate it all. Unfortunately I could not attend all parties. But I enjoyed myself immensely at every party I did attend. It was also new for me to discover this world. It’s all a little ‘big neck’, you know? Like, did you see me? But that’s just part of it. ”

Thomas Meunier about the infamous parties at PSG:
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