Thomas Erdbrink saw ‘ego cut in half’ during a correspondent in Iran | NOW


Thomas Erdbrink has become a lot more modest in the twenty years that he lived as a correspondent in Iran.

“Living in Iran has made me more patient, more sociable, it is easier to ignore myself, my ego has been halved,” said the 44-year-old journalist, who recently moved back to the Netherlands. AD.

“Although those changes were also just practical: if I had continued to stick to my Dutch standards and values ​​in Iran, I would have gone screaming mad after a month.”

Erdbrink was forced to look for another job because his press accreditation in Iran had taken him away from him at the beginning of last year due to the heightened tensions between Iran and the United States. He now works as a bureau chief for Northern Europe The New York Times.

“I travel as a kind of nomad between the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Iran – Newsha (his wife, ed.) Lives there, although she is now in Amsterdam for three weeks. The Netherlands is in principle my base and from there I always go for one or more two days on the road for stories. ”


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