this was Wednesday, August 12, 2020


What happened in the Apple field on Wednesday, August 12, 2020? We list all articles daily in iCulture Today.

The Corona API from Apple and Google is active in 16 countries. But in the United States it is not yet going to work out. Soon we will also be able to use it in the Netherlands and Belgium. More app news today: Facebook Lite is shutting down because of too few users. Learn what to do if an app leaves the App Store. Furthermore, navigation app Waze now has lane guidance. You can read that and more in this new iCulture Today!

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We didn’t want to let these apps and updates go unnoticed:

  • Apple Developer (gratis, iPhone/iPad/ TV + IAP, iOS 12.4+) – Now with improved sound.
  • Tweetbot 5 for Twitter (€5,49, iPhone/iPad + IAP, iOS 12.4+) – Trackpad support and works with more browsers.

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