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What happened in the Apple area on Thursday, August 6, 2020? We list all articles daily in iCulture Today.

Today it was very hot and that will continue for a while. Check here what to do with an overheated iPhone. We also have tips to prevent an overheated Apple Watch. Are you going out? Then check the UV index on your iPhone or Apple Watch, so you know whether you are not burned. And which Apple Watch band for the summer should you actually wear? Not all materials are pleasant with this warm weather. Finally, we help you compare the Mac desktops. You can read all that and more in this new iCulture Today!

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We didn’t want to let these apps and updates go unnoticed:

  • Day One journal + diary (free, iPhone / iPad / Watch + IAP, iOS 13.1+) – Completely new ‘Today’ screen and Log in with Apple.
  • Pathé App (free, iPhone / iPad / Watch, iOS 10.0+) – Here too you can now Login with Apple.
  • Twitter (free, iPhone / iPad / TV, iOS 12.0+) – Now with a new way to make calls for everyone.
  • Speedtest – Speed ​​test (free, iPhone / TV + IAP, iOS 11.0+) – Premium subscribers can now choose a VPN server in another country.
  • Google Home (Free, iPhone / iPad, iOS 12.0+) – Import your data from the Google Wifi app soon.
  • bunq (free, iPhone / iPad, iOS 11.3+) – New designs for your cards in the app.

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