This is what Wavi’s Mate 40 Pro will look like


Huawei’s next flagship device, the Mate 40 Pro, is not expected to hit stores for at least a few more months, but simulations of the device’s expected design have already been leaked to the web, and even a video showing the future device from almost every possible angle.

The Mate 40 Pro has a screen with a “waterfall” design, which folds and wraps the device almost to the edge of the case. This is a 6.7-inch screen, with a drill for a pair of selfie cameras – industry standard, and a little disappointing for those who expected the Mate 40 Pro to be the first device on the market with a camera installed under the screen without the need for a drill. The specification is also expected to include the new Kirin 1020 processor, which is manufactured in a 5-nanometer process.

Mate 40

At the rear, the Mate 40 Pro has a very large bulge for the photo array, with four sensors, one of which is equipped with a magnifying periscope lens. The Mate 40 Pro does not yet have an official launch date, but it is expected to hit stores towards the end of the current year, when in Europe and the US Wavi will be forced to launch it without the official Google apps as long as there is no change in the US government boycott policy.


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