This is what a redesign of the iMac could look like


Concept of new iMac design

Bautista has created a concept of an iMac, with new accessories and a wireless charger built into the base. The iMac has been around for 22 years and changed in appearance in the early days. But little has changed in the past ten years. Apparently Apple is happy with the idea of ​​a base with screen, in which all technology can be eliminated. But according to Bautista it can be done differently. In its concepts, the redesigned iMac looks like a big iPad Pro, attached to the base of a Pro display. You can see more images on Daniel Bautista’s Behance page.

The body is slimmer and the edges are narrower, making the iMac look more modern. Daniel Bautista has also developed new versions of the accessories. For example, we see a renewed Magic Keyboard with illuminated keys, something that is not yet present on the current models. The iPad Pro’s new Magic Keyboard keyboard cover does have it, so that creates expectations.

The Magic Mouse has also received a makeover: it can now be charged wirelessly. Now you still have to put the Magic Mouse on its back to charge via a Lightning cable. Therefore, you cannot use the mouse during loading. By making the bottom of the mouse suitable for wireless charging, Apple solves this. Bautista has also found a practical solution for the wireless charger: a charging mat can be incorporated in the base of the iMac. With this you can also immediately charge the iPhone and AirPods. Brilliant!

iMac concept with wireless charging

The new iMac features Face ID in the concept, as has been rumored. Apple is said to have plans to build it into some Mac models, and evidence has also been found in Big Sur of a TrueDepth camera, a necessary component for facial recognition.

iMac redesign door Daniel Bautista

We can probably expect a new iMac design only next year, when Apple switches to Apple Silicon processors. The Bautista concept is in line with previous rumors. According to rumor Sonny Dickson, Apple is working on a renewed iMac, derived from the Pro Display XDR and the iPad Pro. Think of narrower edges and flatter edges. However, his prediction that the iMac would be presented at WWDC did not materialize.

New iMacs may appear this year, but they still have the old Intel design and current processors.


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