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Pepijn Lijnders is a leading candidate to take over from Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool in the future. The Liverpool Echo reports that Klopp’s 37-year-old assistant makes an excellent impression on Anfield and may thus become the head coach when the German manager leaves. According to the newspaper, Lijnders has even played ‘a key role’ in the Liverpool league title this season with his energy and insights.

Of Liverpool Echo notes that two current ‘enemies’ of Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur manager José Mourinho and Everton midfielder André Gomes, have helped Lijnders enormously in his development. Lijnders previously worked as a youth and technology trainer at both PSV and FC Porto and the Dutchman made fame at the latter club from 2007. “He immediately learned Portuguese culture, took language lessons and was learning three hours a day,” Scott Martin, an analyst specialized in Portuguese football, told the English newspaper.

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“Players helped acclimatize him. André Gomes was one of the players who helped him get his ideas across to the team. They had a great scouting network and had just won the Champions League under Mourinho (in 2004, ed.), But the club recognized that not enough players of the training could advance to the level of the first. Lijnders brought a different structure. He was lucky that a good system was already in place, but he managed to shape it so that players are ready were steamed for the real thing. He created a mix of Dutch and Portuguese ideas. The ‘total football’ and the offensive style combined with the Portuguese aggression, “says Martin.

In 2014, Lijnders made the switch from FC Porto to Liverpool, the club that he left for NEC for six months in January 2018. Meanwhile, the Dutchman is completely back in place the Reds, says the Liverpool Echo. Lijnders, which is fixed until mid-2024, is said to have a major impact on Liverpool’s way of playing. “It won’t be a shock to anyone if he becomes chief responsible when Klopp leaves. In any case, Liverpool will want to keep his expertise on board in any way, even after Klopp’s tenure, ‘the daily concludes.

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