This is how the corona patient who was staying at the Club Hotel in Eilat was discovered


New details about the disturbing incident that took place over the weekend in Eilat • According to the police, the suspect was identified by an acquaintance who was staying at the hotel at the time • Following the identification, the hotel management called the police who evacuated the suspect and his family, fined them and expelled them from the city. The hotel sue the suspect and his family


Photo: Police Spokeswoman

The police wanted to clarify this morning (Sunday) that the corona patient who was located yesterday at the Club Hotel Eilat was discovered by a person who identified him. Another guest who was at the hotel knew the man and knew he was a Corona blue suspect. He then reported this to the hotel management who eventually called the police forces.

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After the report of the suspect, YSM police officers arrived with protective suits and ordered him to leave the place and return to solitary confinement. .

The suspect, who was expelled from the city and fined NIS 5,000, stayed at the hotel for less than 24 hours. He arrived Friday at 7pm and was evacuated from the hotel by police forces around 4pm on Saturday afternoon. The hotel is expected to file a civil lawsuit against the suspect and his family for the damages caused to the hotel following the unusual incident.


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