‘They are not rid of Ferry yet’, trailer promises what for second season Netflix series Undercover


Fans of the hit Netflix series Undercover, starring Mierlonaar Frank Lammers, can start the countdown. The second season will start in four weeks, on Sunday September 6. On Monday morning, Netflix published the trailer.

The first season of the Netflix series Undercover, in which Lammers takes on the role of drug criminal Ferry Bouwman, was an unprecedented success. The streaming service announced at the end of 2019 that the first season of Undercover that year was the most popular of all series among Dutch viewers. Netflix viewers en masse enjoyed the adventures of Ferry Bouwman, who runs an ecstasy empire from a campsite in Lommel.

Also a third season
That is why a second season was soon announced and in January it was leaked that there will also be a third season. It is not yet known when the recording of the third season will start. In addition, there will be a film, ‘Ferry’, which focuses on the early years of the Brabant criminal.

“We’re going back in time,” Lammers said in June. “See how Ferry Ferry became.”

Rico Verhoeven
The second season of Undercover can be viewed from Sunday 6 September. World champion kickboxing Rico Verhoeven will also play in this, as the bodyguard of drug criminal Ferry Bouwman. The familiar faces Kim de Rooij (Anna Drijver) and Bob Lemmens (Tom Waes) also return.

Where the first season revolved around illegal drug trafficking, season two revolves around illegal arms trade. It is not yet known which topic will be central in the third season.


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