These four giants also feel the consequences of the corona crisis …


The four American ‘Big Tech’ players are hardly affected by the corona crisis, according to their quarterly results.
Photo: AP

Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google mother Alphabet have outperformed analysts in the past quarter. This is evident from the financial results that the four technology giants announced on the night from Thursday to Friday. A sweet revenge for the four CEOs who were seriously put on the grid by the United States Congress the day before.

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APPLE in the period May-June increased turnover by 11 percent. Not only did the company sell more iPhones, but it also saw significant growth in its Mac computer branch, in a quarter where many people were working from home. The turnover of iPads, services (iTunes, Apple Music) and the collection category also rose, including the Apple Watch and wireless earplugs. Revenue topped $ 59.7 billion – much higher than analysts had anticipated – at a profit of $ 11.3 billion.

FACEBOOK saw the worldwide lockdowns increase both the number of daily active users and monthly active users by 12 percent year on year. Revenue from ads, Facebook’s primary source of revenue, grew 10 percent, bringing total revenue to $ 18.3 billion from $ 16.6 billion a year earlier. Earnings – $ 5.2 billion – doubled compared to a year earlier.

AMAZON benefited significantly from the growth of online shopping during the lockdowns in the second quarter as consumers flocked to avoid physical stores or simply no longer find them. Quarterly sales increased 40 percent from a year earlier to nearly $ 89 billion, while net profit doubled to $ 5.2 billion.

ALPHABET, the company above Google, was the only one of the quartet to see its quarterly turnover drop from $ 38.9 billion to $ 38.3 billion. Better than analysts expected. Net profit, at just under $ 7 billion, was significantly lower than last year’s $ 9.9 billion. Declining advertising revenues were only partially offset by rising revenues from the cloud business and YouTube.


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