These European countries tightened their mouth mask rules this week NOW


Several European countries decided to broaden their mouth mask rules this week. Due to the (re) introduction of the mouth mask requirement in Iceland, Lithuania and Denmark, most of Europe has now drawn up rules on the use of mouth masks.


In Iceland mouth masks have been mandatory since Friday in public transport, in contact professions and on board of cruise ships. The mouth mask obligation applies to everyone born before 2005.


Denmark does not yet have a mouth mask obligation, but supplemented its advice for its use last week. For example, the Danish government now recommends wearing face masks on public transport and when it is difficult to keep a distance from others.

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The Lithuanian government relaxed the rules in May, but due to an increasing number of corona infections, the government decided to reverse these relaxations this week. As of 1 August, face masks are again mandatory in public transport, in shops and in government buildings.


On the Portuguese island of Madeira, face masks are also mandatory on the street from 1 August. The mouth mask requirement already applies in Portugal to public spaces, such as shops and public transport. Madeira is the first Portuguese region to introduce mandatory masks on the street.


The Madrid region has made face masks mandatory this week in all public areas, including terraces (even when sufficient distance can be kept). This rule already applied across the country, with the exception of the Canary Islands. The fine for non-compliance with this rule is 100 euros.


In Cyprus, everyone has had to wear a mask in closed public spaces since Friday. The measure applies to everyone aged six or older.


The Greek government decided to extend the mouth mask obligation this week to all shops, government buildings, banks, restaurants and contact professions. Wearing a face mask was already mandatory in public transport, supermarkets and hospitals. The fine for non-compliance with this rule is 150 euros.

United Kingdom

In the UK, the use of mouth masks has also been recommended in museums, cinemas and places of worship since this week. From August 8, wearing a mask is mandatory in these places.


In Switzerland, partial mask masks are still mandatory in places where it is not possible to keep 2 meters away. In the cantons of Geneva, Vaud and Jura, face masks are also mandatory in shops since this week.


From Friday on, face masks in Romania are also mandatory in the outdoor area when there is insufficient distance to others. Face masks were already mandatory in closed public areas and public transport.


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