These are the scenarios of Netanyahu’s chaos. But even the tweeters would not dare him


It is important to emphasize that French law, bad as it may be, is not an unconstitutional law. This terrible law, in its various versions, which allows leaders to evade prosecution for years, can certainly stand the test of the High Court. What is very likely not to pass the High Court is the application of the law to Netanyahu after his trial has already begun. The Attorney General will oppose such legislation, and the High Court has legal tools to determine that such a law, which will rescue Netanyahu from the terror of the law he is already facing, is doomed to be disqualified. This is where the overcoming paragraph will enter the plot.

This will be exactly the moment when the State of Israel may enter into regime and constitutional chaos. The High Court will repeal the law, the Knesset will exercise the overriding ruling by a simple majority, and when the matter returns to the High Court it is not inconceivable that it will determine that such an overriding ruling whose entire purpose is to keep Netanyahu in power is contrary to our principles of law and illegal.. This will be a real war of authorities, not a prose. The foundations for this chaos have already been laid by the previous, sweet Knesset Speaker, Yuli Edelstein, when he decided not to uphold the High Court ruling. The current Speaker of the Knesset, Yariv Levin, is much less ticklish and much more hates the High Court, so seemingly anything is possible.


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