“Then we always beat Antwerp”


Club Brugge was tipped in advance as the big favorite for the Saturday night cup final, but it should not be for Blauw-Zwart. Ultimately, the national champion at the Heysel lost 1-0 to Antwerp FC. Especially in the first half, the Great Old was by far the best team.

After the break, Club managed to restore balance and forced Antwerp into a defensive position. Goalkeeper Simon Mignolet is therefore clear: if Blue-Black had reached that level the entire game, the cup would now be on Jan Breydel. “If we play the first half like the second, we always win. We made it difficult for ourselves, against a hard fighting Antwerp. They used everything to win. That way you lose a final that you should always have won” it sounded on the club website.

No double for Mignolet after his first season with Club Brugge. But he will be given a second chance in the coming year. “The double must immediately become the target for next season again. This will have to settle for a while, then we have to focus on the competition that will start next week.”

POLL: Club owes the cup defeat mainly to itself …


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