Then make a reservation for a train to the coast?


The NMBS will still investigate the possibility of introducing a reservation system. She does this after a conversation with the Ostend mayor Bart Tommelein (Open VLD), who no longer wants extra trains to the coast as long as there is no such system.

Last Friday, chaos arose in the Ostend station when hundreds of people had to wait packed for a train. “SNCB is currently sending tens of thousands of people out to sea every day without knowing who or what,” says Tommelein. “She creates new corona growth sources and I refuse to take responsibility for that. Every amusement park can organize such a registration system, apparently the railways cannot, or not yet. ”

It is not yet clear whether such a registration system can be introduced and how quickly. Further consultation will follow today. From now on, SNCB will put up large signs outside the station to provide information to travelers, and will also communicate via social media about the crowds on the trains.


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