The women’s groups for Hasson: “Independent Executive Dose”


Women’s football takes a stand: Today (Tuesday), 6 of the 10 teams in the senior women’s league approached the chairman of the Football Association, Oren Hasson, for the establishment of a professional director to run the women’s league – similar to the way professional sports are run in other industries. We want to establish a professional manager. In recent years, there has been a more widespread approach that management will be carried out by dedicated managers, who will be able to leverage the industry while maximizing revenue for groups. ”

In addition, the Premier League teams stated that “a super-body has recently been established for women’s team sports. This body, led by the chairman of the women’s basketball Premier League, Hila Knister Bar-David, represented the women’s ball sports in front of various state bodies, municipalities, broadcasters and sponsors. And more. This body will be composed and managed by the directors or women’s sports associations, and therefore it is of great importance to establish a directorate for women’s football, in order to integrate it as soon as possible with the United Superintendent. ”

According to the teams’ letter, “the women’s soccer director will be established, will work in full cooperation with the Football Association, which will continue to serve as the senior professional body, set the professional rules, appoint representatives to the principal’s board and determine the identity of the principal chair.”


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