The United States has transferred $ 500 million to Israel for missile defense


The JNS website reported that the US House of Representatives yesterday delivered a $ 500 million aid package to Israel intended to assist Israel in short-range missile defense. Most of the financial aid will be transferred to the Iron Dome system.

In addition to missile defense systems, $ 47.5 million of the total budget will be allocated to technological cooperation against the construction of tunnels, $ 4 million for new cooperation between the United States and Israel for research on the Corona virus and $ 6 million for joint US-Israel energy and water cooperation programs.

Last January, the director of the Ministry of Defense ‘Wall “in Mapat (Director of Research, Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure) announced that it had successfully completed a series of interception tests of the” Iron Dome “weapon system. It took place 10 years after the first interception experiment of the “Iron Dome” system in January 2010. The Wall Administration stated that “the success of the series is an important milestone in the operational ability of the State of Israel to defend itself against existing and future threats in the arena.”

In the series of experiments, the capabilities of the system were tested, in a new and advanced development version, in a number of scenarios, which simulate future threats, which the system may face during a conflict.

The director of Homa, Moshe Fattal, said at the time that the successful series of experiments we completed in the Iron Dome system was carried out exactly ten years after the first interception experiment in the system. Over the past decade we have performed dozens of experiments and more than two thousand operational intercepts. “It is upgraded and improved compared to the operational system today. When we hand it over to the IDF, it will allow the Air Force to deal much better with the expected threats in the arena.”


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