The ultra-Orthodox alongside Ganz: “Committed to preventing elections, we will oppose the ruling …


The ultra-Orthodox, along with Ganz, are in dispute over the overcoming clause: The Shas factions and Torah Judaism announced today (Sunday) that they will not support the law against MK Ayelet Shaked’s legal system, which is expected to go to the polls this coming Wednesday. Support for this law by coalition members could have caused a stir in the political system and worsened the already sensitive situation for the elections this coming November.

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“Representatives of the ultra-Orthodox factions have announced that they are committed to the integrity of the coalition and to the prevention of elections,” the statement said. “We are working to transfer the state budget and fight the corona virus.”

Shaked’s law was supposed to be discussed in the Ministerial Committee on Legislative Affairs today, but Minister Dudi Amsalem and the committee’s chairman and Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn reached an agreement that only laws relating to the struggle in Corona would be discussed. A tweet he wrote in which he wrote that he would recommend Netanyahu to support the law on Wednesday in the Knesset, even if the coalition opposes it in the ministerial committee.

Recall that under the coalition agreement, the government should reach agreements on private laws, and that Blue and White should have a veto on legal issues. Supporting a law that touches the most sensitive nerves of the justice system is like declaring rebellion and going to the polls.


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