The trend continues – a further increase in job seekers, the unemployment rate


Corona virus – a situation in Israel and around the world

Infected in Corona in Israel:

New infections every day:

12:05 – Another increase in job seekers

The Employment Service states that “from the last report on Thursday until the morning at 7:00, the service received 438 reports of returning to work, and on the other hand, new job seekers were registered 3.4 times 1,493 times higher. The employment service received 413,417 reports of returning to work, and at the same time, 190,767 new jobseekers were registered. ”

Today, 875,227 jobseekers are registered with the employment service, of which 577,633 are in the IDF. The unemployment rate climbs to 21.6%.

11:55 – After Minister Peretz was diagnosed in Corona: Ministers Elkin, Avitan and Levi Abkasis – for isolation

Following their exposure to Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Rafi Peretz, who announced last night that he had been diagnosed with corona, Ministers Zeev Elkin, Yaakov Avitan and Orly Levy Abacis, as well as several advisers, were required to stay in solitary confinement until 9 August.

11:00 Ministry of Health: Yesterday 7,736 tests were deciphered – the lowest number is one and a half

Yesterday, only 7,736 tests were solved (7,402 without recoveries) – the lowest number since 20.6. The low number of tests, of course, affected the number of diagnoses, which stood at 625 – also the lowest in more than a month. The positive rate was 8% – similar to last week. This is according to the latest corona data published by the Ministry of Health and the Information Center

As of this morning, according to data from the Ministry of Health, there are 26,153 active patients in Israel, 771 of whom are hospitalized. 340 of the patients in critical condition, 96 respirators.

Tests for Korna (Photo: David Horesh, General Spokeswoman

Recall that two weeks ago the Ministry of Health changed its corona testing policy, and today ordered HMOs not to test people without corona symptoms – unless they were at home with a verified patient or they are defined as a population at risk.

The Information and Knowledge Center noted that: “The number of tests, which is very low even compared to previous weekends, has led to a particularly low number of new verified patients. In our estimation, this figure does not reflect the true morbidity picture.”

Patients in severe and moderate condition:

Active patients in front of recovering:

10:45 – Aid packages are distributed to the community of musicians

The Israeli Musicians Association and Eilam, the Association for the Rights of Performing Musicians, are currently distributing assistance packages to the community of Israeli musicians who have not worked for more than five months. In recent weeks, Eilam has distributed royalty advances in the amount of NIS 2,000,000 at the expense of last year’s royalties.

In preparation for the holidays, grants of NIS 5,000 will be awarded to veteran musicians who have retired, and a total of NIS 500,000 will be distributed.

Danny Gottfried, chairman of the Musicians’ Association and CEO of Eilam, said that in the coming days, special grants will also be distributed to musicians whose situation is particularly difficult, and they have asked the union for special help. “This period is the most difficult I remember since the association was founded about 40 years ago. We are working resolutely in cooperation with the other artists’ associations in order to minimize the damage to our members and in order to open up the music market as quickly as possible,” he said.

The artists' protest The artists’ protest Photo: Yariv Katz

The Israeli Musicians’ Association and Eilam deal with more than 2,000 professional musicians employed by theaters, show producers, film and video producers, various broadcasters (radio and television), record companies and more, as well as musicians employed under collective and individual agreements within symphony orchestras and chambers. (Maya Nahum Shahal)


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