The three hottest July’s ever recorded were in the past five years | NOW


Last month was the third hottest July recorded worldwide, according to data from the European Union’s climate change service Copernicus. Only in 2016 and 2019 was it warmer in July.

Copernicus’s temperature measurements go back to the mid-nineteenth century. “It has become warmer worldwide and in all months,” said scientist Freja Vamborg of Copernicus.

Heat records were broken in the US states of New Mexico and Texas last month, and Bahrain recorded the hottest July since 1902. In the Arctic, the smallest amount of sea ice in the month of July was measured last month since 1979.

The global heat is partly caused by the wildfires in Siberia in June, which thawed permafrost and released a lot of carbon.

Not only the Netherlands is bracing itself for a heat wave in the coming days: it will also be hot in France and Belgium. In the Italian Alps, some roads have been closed this weekend, as glacial ice may melt due to the high temperatures.


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