‘The third wave will be there this year. And then there will be a fourth and a fifth ‘- Wel.nl


The second wave of the coronavirus is not the last, predicts the Belgian virologist and epidemiologist Anne-Mieke Vandamme in De Morgen. In Belgium – with an average of 500 new infections per day – the second wave is a fact. The measures have been tightened and Antwerp has a curfew. “The second wave is now underway. You can expect that the infections will continue to increase for another month. Each month that the curve goes up, you need about two months to lower it again – if the measures are followed. Then it is already October. ”

“November, December, maybe January: that third wave has arrived. And then there will be a fourth and a fifth. Now, the more people who are already infected, the fewer that can still be infected. But the height of the first peak was determined by the lockdown. If the current measures work less well than a lockdown, the peak will probably be higher. ”

“An antiviral isn’t going to be around for a long time. It exists, but it is too expensive and it doesn’t really work well. Antivirals or vaccines will not be available for the majority of the population, perhaps longer, in the coming year. ”

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