The Tax Authority prevents more than 50,000 from receiving the corona grant – …


Israelis who do not receive the Corona grant: A section of the Grants Law passed by the government prevents the transfer of the grant to 54,000 citizens. The section stipulates that citizens who did not report income and did not file an income tax return in 2018 – will not be entitled to a grant from the state. The tax authority passed on to the Social Security the details of those citizens, and they did not receive the grant. But a fifth of those who were denied the grant are hard-working Israelis, the savings plan learned tonight (Monday).

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10,020 of the 54,000 citizens who will not receive the grant are recipients of old-age, disability, alimony, nursing or income support benefits. Common to all – hard-working people from difficult economic backgrounds. The precise segmentation shows that about 2,000 of them are income support recipients, about 5,900 are receiving disability benefits, about 500 are receiving alimony, about 1,100 are receiving a nursing allowance and about 520 are entitled to an old-age pension.

The IRS sent the Social Security a list of anyone who did not report income in 2018 – and in accordance with the Grants Act, the Social Security did not transfer a grant to those people. The National Insurance Institute is now collecting the data and identities of these people, in order to ensure that the recipients of the benefits do receive the grant.

MK Moshe Gafni, chairman of the finance committee in which the grants law was approved, blamed the tax authority and said: “I would like to commend the Social Security for the speed of the transfer of grants to every citizen we have approved in the finance committee. In contrast, I received inquiries that the tax authority makes it difficult for many citizens and asks to fill out a report in order to receive the grant. I call on them – stop these requests immediately, there is no connection between the grants and the things you are asking for, release the money to the citizens! ”

Yesterday we updated in the National Insurance Institute that 90% of the corona grants have already been transferred to the bank accounts of Israeli citizens. 800,000 grants were not transferred – of which 500,000 are citizens whose Social Security account does not have their bank account details.

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