The suspected prison guard from Zalmon Prison was interrogated with a warning in Blade 433


The prison guard suspected of the sex affair at Zalmon Prison was interrogated yesterday with a warning in Blade 433 for several hours and was released to her home under restrictive conditions – Walla Walla learned this evening (Saturday)! NEWS. The warden is suspected of having sex with prisoners and giving them various benefits. A source involved in the details of the affair told Walla! NEWS that the prison intelligence officer is also having sex with the prison guard, a 29-year-old northern resident, on several different occasions – and in return allegedly and at her request granted benefits to the two inmate brothers.

Also, according to the suspicion, in addition to the intelligence officer, other senior officials at Zalmon Prison and the Northern District are also suspected of having illicit sex with the warden. Over the weekend, a difficult exchange was recorded between IPS chief of staff Moni Bitan, who did not know about the incident, and Sharon Shuan, commander of the Northern District in the service.

According to senior IPS officials, one of the benefits granted to the brothers may be that they both stayed together in the same cell. S., announced that during the investigation, suspicions of criminal offenses arose on her part, and therefore the matter was referred to the Department of Prison Investigations in Blade 433.


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