The summer of … Famke Louise | Entertainment


With whom and where Pictures say more than words and when we look at the pictures Famke Louise she can enjoy a holiday on the party island of Ibiza. Not only of course she does, because it seems that she and her new love, the Australian singer-songwriter Three Samuels, has traveled to the Mediterranean.

What are they doing there? Besides good food with friends, including DJ Lady Bee, and hanging around the pool, it seems that Famke has an eye for Trè. Her new boyfriend regularly visits her Instagram Stories and writes in one of the stories: “My baby is hot.”

Recover from? Famke used the corona crisis to come to himself again. Earlier this year she deleted everything on her Instagram account and later wrote about it on the social medium: “A few weeks ago I cleaned out my Insta. I never explained why, but I feel I have to share it. From myself I often pretend that nothing is wrong. That’s why I keep posting things on Stories sometimes, I don’t want to feel sorry, but I also want to be honest with you. ”

She explained that she was “dealing” with things from the past. “In recent weeks I have been at home a lot because of all circumstances. Normally I have a super busy life and always people around me. These weeks I have to rely on myself and this ensures that I can recover from everything that has happened in recent years. I found out that I have not yet processed everything properly on the inside and am still dealing with some things from the past ”, said Famke, who did not clarify what subjects it was about.


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