The struggle to reduce morbidity in Jerusalem – the municipal program for targeted treatment in Corona is expanding


After a zoom meeting held by Defense Minister Bnei Gantz and Mayor Moshe Leon – it was decided that the pilot for targeted treatment of verified patients and their isolation, which was operated in several ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in the city, would be extended to the whole of Jerusalem; The budget is NIS 1.5 million

Posted on: 11.8.20 19:07

By: Shlomi Heller

The Jerusalem Municipality’s plan to curb morbidity in the city is expanding. Until now, the pilot ‘Security and Welfare’ has operated in its ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in the city, including Romema, Ramot, Kiryat Belz and more – this is a focused program to treat the Corona nationals, isolate them and isolate their families.

In a ‘zoom’ conversation this morning held by Defense Minister Bnei Gantz and Mayor Moshe Leon, in collaboration with Defense Ministry, Ministry of Welfare, Home Front Command and city officials it was decided that the pilot would expand to other neighborhoods in the city, where there are Corona nationals – west and east. The Ministry of Defense will budget the plan at a total cost of about NIS 1.5 million.

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“The aim of the project is to accompany the isolated and sick in the community and community administrations,” the municipality explains, “in a way that will provide an envelope of assistance in the field of welfare and community to populations that need it. The public and prevent infection in the community through a careful treatment strategy and led by the local leadership.The management of the corona crisis in neighborhoods is led by community administrations throughout the city and helps families who are sick in the neighborhoods receive the municipal response such as: “Families who are in isolation. The administrations also recruit and employ volunteers from the community of all ages in order to help the various needs that arise from the field.”

The municipality adds that “At the same time, the community administrations provide information to residents in the various languages ​​about the guidelines and the importance of maintaining them, map the populations that need a community envelope and work to develop a tailored response to those populations in the neighborhood, strengthening the local community. New immigrants, etc. “

Mayor Moshe Leon (Photo: City Spokeswoman)

Mayor Moshe Leon (Photo: City Spokeswoman)

In the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, “corps members” also work daily – residents who come from the community, “and each of them is responsible for the well-being of 40-50 isolated or sick residents,” the municipality notes. “Their agenda is changing and mostly unpredictable – around the clock they provide medicine, hot food, employment for the whole family and a response to every need of the public, whether it is the isolated people who were with Corona patients or verified patients who did not go to hotels “And stay in their apartment. This is a cost-effective and efficient project – everyone receives assistance according to their personal need, no less and no more.”

Mayor Leon states that “the Jerusalem Municipality has built a dedicated and unique model for managing the corona crisis in local authorities, with the understanding that patients must be isolated in order to interrupt the chain of infection, both in hotels and in their homes.” “The security that will budget him about NIS 1.5 million. We will continue to manage the crisis with determination and sensitivity.”

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz (Photo: Olivia Fitoussi)

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz (Photo: Olivia Fitoussi)

Defense Minister Ganz: “I am happy to hear that the pilot is already seeing good results and reducing morbidity in the city. There is no doubt that Jerusalem, a large city made up of so many population groups, faces a great challenge that we can only cooperate with the PA itself.” “This connection between our systems and the municipal authority will create the key to success. We are here at your service and we will be happy to promote and assist in whatever it takes to succeed in the task of reducing morbidity in the city.”

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