The struggle for the house: a step up in the struggle against the planned train garage in Sharon


Mayor Rafi Saar at the joint demonstration

More than 1,000 residents came on Thursday evening to a protest demonstration by the headquarters of the joint struggle against the plan to build the depot (train garage) near the houses of the residents of the green neighborhood in Kfar Saba and next to the moshavs Gan Haim and Sde Warburg.

This is a joint struggle headquarters for Kfar Saba and the Southern Sharon Regional Council – and within it the moshavim adjacent to the plan area – Gan Haim and Sde Warburg.

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The area of ​​the planned complex covers 370 dunams, adjacent to the homes of residents of Kfar Saba, Gan Haim and Sde Warburg, where a train garage, accelerator lanes, storage and transportation are planned, which could lead to air and environmental pollution, noise hazards and risk to human life.

As mentioned, under the auspices of the Corona closure, a decision was made in the National Infrastructure Committee (WTL) to locate the train garage – depot (compound for storage, care and acceleration of trains) on the lands of Moshav Gan Haim in the South Sharon Regional Council, right next to the green neighborhood 80 in Kfar Saba. Was carried out as a snatch, after various alternatives had already been presented, and without the knowledge and participation of the authorities and residents.

Participants in the demonstration

Following a discussion held at Botal on July 22, a decision was made by Hotal, headed by Interior Ministry Director General Mordechai Cohen, to entrust the metro plan, leaving only a short and almost impossible time for the authorities, until August 26, to offer alternatives to the location of the depot. .

In view of the common environmental danger, the heads of local authorities who may be affected by the escalating environmental disaster decided to join the headquarters of the joint struggle for the residents of the green neighborhood and the moshavs Gan Haim and Sde Warburg, and have already hired first-class engineers Industrial away from homes.

As mentioned, this is a train garage on an area of ​​370 dunams, up to 1,000 meters long, which will operate 24/7 and will be a huge, noisy and polluting operational center, threatening all residents of the area with noise, odor, pollution, night lighting, radiation, and complete destruction of ecology. In the Sharon area.

Mayor Rafi Saar and the participants in the demonstration

Speakers at the demonstration included Mayor of Kfar Saba Rafi Saar, Chairman of the Kfar Saba Green Neighborhood Committee 80 Leah Mansour, resident of Gan Haim Amir Avidor, member of the Kfar Saba City Council and holder of the Green Neighborhoods portfolio Adv. Adi Levy Skop and Deputy Chairman of the Southern Sharon Regional Council Little Rahav, when the evening was moderated by Amir Kurtz – a resident of the neighborhood and a member of the struggle headquarters.

The mayor of Kfar Saba, Rafi Saar In his speech at the demonstration, he thanked the leaders of the struggle headquarters, Leah Mansour, Adi Levy Scoop, Amir Kurtz and Shaul Eyal. “I say unequivocally here: ‘It will not happen,'” Saar said to the applause of the protesters. The train garage must be moved to other industrial areas. It will not be close to any house, neither here nor in the East. The detachment of the state is out of place. A committee set up to promote infrastructure and instead promotes megalomaniacal projects. And all for something that might happen in another 12 15 years. I turn to LOTL. National Infrastructure Committee: Sit with us for six months and we will save you all the effort to find a more suitable place. Together we will make sure that Depo, the train garage, will not be, neither here in this area nor in that area. It will be far from the homes of the residents. I am happy to announce that all the residents of the area, all the heads of councils and cities, are our partners. Thank you to the more than a thousand residents who came here, for what you are doing here. I declare unequivocally: there will be no train garage here! ‘

Head of the Southern Sharon Regional Council, Oshrat Ganei-Gonen: “The metro is an important and necessary national plan, but we will not agree with the location of the depot in the heart of agricultural land, on an ecological corridor and near residents’ residences. The depot’s location in an industrial area To protect our residents. “

Deputy Head of the Southern Sharon Regional Council, Little Rahav: “This is a common struggle to preserve the lives of all of us, and we will not compromise on the lives of our residents and preserve the environment.”


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