The State Attorney’s Office is preventing the municipality from intervening in the case of Liat Ben-Ari


In light of the suspicions published regarding the alleged construction offenses by the person who serves as a prosecutor in Netanyahu’s trial – Liat Ben-Ari, and a reference by a member of the Rosh HaAyin City Council demanding that an investigation be opened into the matter. The State Attorney’s Office is now addressing a letter of sharp response to the Rosh HaAyin Municipality not to intervene in the matter: “Ensure the independence of the criminal prosecution” • MK Qari is furious

Suspicions regarding the Deputy Attorney General: Following the publication in the newspaper “Israel Hayom”, about construction offenses allegedly committed by the Deputy State Attorney and who serves as a prosecutor in the trial of Prime Minister Netanyahu Liat Ben Ari, Rosh HaAyin City Council member Hanoch Oz asked the municipality .

However, the State Attorney’s Office apparently did not like the municipality’s intervention in the senior prosecutor’s office. A letter sent by the State Attorney’s Office to the Rosh HaAyin Municipality states: “A letter from Mr. Hanoch Oz, dated August 20, 2006 to the Mayor of Rosh HaAyin, to the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Planning and Construction, to the Municipal Spokesman and to the Chief Prosecutor, regarding the Ben-Ari-Shviki couple, has been brought to our attention. “We have found it appropriate to contact you in principle, in accordance with the consistent policy we have adopted over the years regarding the independence of the criminal prosecution.”

The letter further stated that “you are required to be careful about the independence of the criminal prosecution, and the elected representatives in the committee must act to ensure this principle, and to ensure the professional ability of law enforcement to act without any involvement of elected officials, in all cases handled by them. “By the local prosecution in a professional and independent manner, and even the said case will be handled as all the cases, and in accordance with the provisions of the law, the binding guidelines and the enforcement policy of the local committee,” it was written.

“If there is one reason, the most justified, to go to the polls, it is only to dismantle this junta that has the backing of the Minister of Justice,” wrote Qarai. , “With an annual budget, there is a government, there are no elections. That they will not work on you. Gantz was tired of going to school and he decided to close it. ”


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