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a a A The speech of MK Tehla Friedman of the Blue and White Party in the Knesset plenum moved thousands and went viral on the Internet: millions of views have already been recorded for the video on social media.

“In the last few weeks, since I arrived at this house, I have not stopped thinking about Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai,” she said in her speech, “one of the most important Jews in history. And reinvent it. “

She spoke of the Civil War in Jerusalem, “which began because of a debate over the treatment of the Romans, but very quickly became a war of identity and of everything in everything. What you think of the Romans – became who you are. What you believe should be done – became who you are. If I do not agree With you – I am against you. Absolutely. Until bloodshed. Hatred washed everything. In the name of hatred knives were drawn in the temple. In the name of hatred the food warehouses that could hold a city under siege were set on fire. In the name of hatred came hunger, and with hunger came despair.

“In the heart of the Corona days, in an unprecedented health, economic and social crisis, there are again those who want us to hold on to the tassels of our brother’s head. Let us bite each other again. Let us take every wound and social scar again and rub it to the point of bloodshed.

“Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai was not from the UN. He and his students were a party to the struggle. They fought zealots and zealots. But at some point he chooses otherwise. He realizes that in the Civil War everyone has already lost, and he makes a surprising move and turns to his bitter enemy. It is his understanding that is to blame for the impending destruction. Abba Sikra was called, the leader of the zealots in Jerusalem. Father Sikra also already knows that civil war is more dangerous than the enemy outside. But this man, who lit the fire, discovers that he can no longer control it. His people do not listen to him. The hatred he spread became stronger than him. Together, the head of the zealots and the head of the moderates, manage to smuggle Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai out of Jerusalem. Not to turn the wheel back – but to start something new. “

She explained why she decided to skip the Thanksgiving phase. “Opening speeches by new MKs have rules. I should tell about stations in my life, thank those who have brought me so far and share some of the dreams and aspirations in their name and name I came to this house. But my opening speech can also be the closing speech, and the relevance of the dreams and plans I came with. It is doubtful, in this chaos of galloping into the abyss and destruction of the fourth election. “

According to her, even in the current problematic situation of the corona, “there are those who want us to hold on to the tassels of his brother’s head. That we will bite each other again. That we will take every wound and social scar again and rub it to bloodshed. Again ridiculed and despised for the pain of others. “And half, you tried to win. To bend, to decide, to subdue. We must stop it. We must stop trying to win. The first Israel must not subdue the second Israel. But the second Israel must not be allowed to subdue the first Israel. We must not defeat each other.”

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Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook wrote many years ago about “three forces” that “are now wrestling in our camp … the sacred, the nation and humanity.” In our words: religiosity, nationalism and humanism. Rabbi Kook himself was a man who was all sacred. But he knew how much “Absolute sacred danger, absolute nationalism or absolute humanism. No one is right alone. A healthy society is a society that has these three forces. Not only to destroy each other – but because we need each other.”

“If we continue to try to defeat each other, the one who will be defeated will be the future of the State of Israel. The one who will be defeated will be the mutual guarantee. The inner resilience. The ability to continue to perform this miracle called the State of Israel.”

“I believed in the necessity of a unity government. I still believe that this is the only way to lay the foundations for the next stage in the life of the state. To save us from destruction. To reinvent ourselves. I have devoted much of my professional and public life to connections designed to create a new Israeli and Jewish center. “To make Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai. To make a covenant of moderates. To create a new Israeli center that defines itself according to what it is, and not according to what it is not.”

“These are the days of the Third Temple. And just like the two that preceded it – it is fragile. It is flammable. It is not self-evident. Its stability is our responsibility. Its existence depends on us. It is our shift.”


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