The size of a football field: The largest and heaviest plane in the world landed in Israel


History at Ben Gurion Airport: The largest plane in the world landed tonight (Monday) for the first time in more than 10 years at Israel Airport. On top of the Ukrainian plane is a huge load of special trucks designed to install an Iron Dome system and transport to the US Army.

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The huge, winged plane approaches the length of a football field, capable of carrying about 300,000 kilograms of equipment. A single aircraft of this model was built in the 1980s with the aim of carrying the Russian space shuttle. In recent years the aircraft is mainly used for special transport missions around the world.

The largest plane in the world lands at Ben Gurion Airport
| Photo: Roi Kor

Arriving in Israel is on the occasion of bringing a cargo of US Army “Oshkosh” trucks for the purpose of installing Iron Dome systems on them. Immediately after installation the aircraft will take off and transport the valuable cargo to the United States.


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