The shareholders will inject NIS 25 million


Arkia plane (Facebook / Arkia photo)
Arkia Brothers’ main shareholders, the Nakash brothers, announced today (Sunday) that they will inject about NIS 25 million into the company “even though they are not obligated to do so.” The brothers, Joe Avi and Rafi Nakash, who own 70% of the company’s shares, will take out a loan of about NIS 130 million for the company from Bank Hapoalim and Bank Discount. The company ran into difficulties following the Corona crisis and recently got into a labor dispute with about 500 of its employees, which it sent to the IDF and has not yet returned.

Arkia Chairman Avi Hurmero, who manages the Nakash Group’s business in Israel, said that “in order to revive and reactivate Arkia, it was decided to accept the state-guaranteed loan. This is a continuation of an investment of NIS 70 million by the Nakash brothers last year. It is important to add that the Nakash brothers never withdrew a dividend from Arkia, even though they were entitled to it. ”

Hormo added that “we are doing everything we can to save the company out of concern for the 550 families of dedicated workers and their families, despite the severe economic crisis that hit us due to the Corona epidemic.” “Then you will operate flights to ‘green’ countries, such as Greece and Cyprus,” said Avi Hurmero.

Hundreds of Arkia workers rallied over a labor dispute and demonstrated last Wednesday in front of the company’s offices and in front of the company’s chairman, Avi Hurmero.

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