“The sentence does not match the severity of Ronen Beatty’s offenses”


After a long period of uncertainty, Ronen Beatty, Adi Beatty’s father, received in the Kfar Saba Magistrate’s Court his sentence reached as part of a plea deal, in which he will want only nine months of service work for committing indecent acts and sexual harassment of minors on WhatsApp.

“The defendant exploited the minors for being a fan of his daughter,” the judge wrote in the sentence. “The defendant harmed the physical and mental well-being of the minors.” In response to the relatively lenient sentence he received, one of the minors ‘father said: “The justice system has betrayed the minors’ trust, and betrayed the public’s trust and its ability to keep convicted sex offenders out of society.”

According to the indictment against Beatty, the father kept in touch with minors who adored his daughter the singer and some of the conversations he had with them on WhatsApp were of a sexual nature. The father asked those minors to send him sexual messages, photos and videos and even sent them similar content.

Naamat organization chairwoman Hagit Peer also heard about the sentence handed down by Adi Beatty’s father and protested against the court’s decision. Israel is a state governed by the rule of law and we respect the decision but do not agree with it. Beyond the fact that the sentence imposed does not correspond to the severity of the offenses – deterrence is required in the face of potential offenders. At the same time, such a sentence, like the sentence in the case of the actor Moshe Ivgi, is another marker, which certainly does not contribute to encouraging girls and women in a similar situation to the area of ​​courage and complaining. “


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